Follow Little Shot on her journey of growth

Be inspired by Little Shot’s journey.

Little’s Shot’s great persistence leads to incredible rewards as she pursues her aspiration of becoming a “Big Shot”. Your child will read or listen along in anticipation as Little Shot chases after her dream and will revel with Little Shot as she grows into her new role through hard work. 



We love The Little Shot, but so do these people!

What a refreshing book for children and adults that is needed today in this world! The story and illustrations are so inspiring that anyone who reads it or has it read to them will know that he/she can be anyone and achieve anything if they work hard and dream big! The illustrations are so endearing and the writing is so encouraging that it’s impossible not to keep looking through the pages over and over. Such a cute book and I can’t wait to follow the series!

– Candice H. –

I received The Little Shot. It spoke to me. I may be 71 yo, but I still need that message. Each of my grandsons has a place in them that will receive the message too!”

– Leslie P. –

The book has a beautiful message for children and adults too. I enjoyed the activities section at the end. It’s a great way to connect with your child in a world that’s always so busy. Real life application while teaching your child how to fail forward and never give up even when things aren’t easy for them. Can’t wait for the next book to come out.

– Kristi C. –

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