Follow Little Shot as she follows her dreams…

Little Shot watched as the “Big Shots” made their way across the sky, filling her with a strong desire to do the same. While reaching for the stars, Little Shot seeks the advice of wise mentors. Finally, Little Shot moves forward with perseverance to inspire others by racing across the skies with the other “Big Shots”.

Little’s Shot’s great persistence leads to incredible rewards as she pursues her aspiration of becoming a “Big Shot”. Your child will read or listen along in anticipation as Little Shot chases after her dream and will revel with Little Shot as she grows into her new role through hard work. Young readers and listeners will thoroughly enjoy and draw great inspiration from Little Shot’s challenging journey. They will learn how to chase dreams and accomplish goals from Little Shot. 

This short story provides children (and adults) with inspiration to pursue their dreams and goals with virtues such as courage, perseverance, and determination. Tasha Eizinger provides her readers, young and old, with a helpful model for pursuing their dreams that revolves around seeking wisdom and advice. More than just a model, “The Little Shot” tells a fun and engaging story that will challenge all readers to pursue dreams in a healthy way. This classic-to-be will amuse and inspire your children to pursue their dreams.

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